23rd June 2013

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Stuff No One Told Me by Alex Noriega

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19th June 2013

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Murakami ascertains nearly every idea, philosophy, and paradigm I’ve ever had about life.

14th June 2013

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Revew: Interpreter of Malades

Interpreter of Maladies was one hell of a journey; through sadness and turmoil it took me. Failed relationships, affairs, bad food, eviction, and adjustment were par for the course. However, I ended the book not with feelings of sadness, despair, or even anger, but with happiness—as I put the book down, there was a smile on my face. Jhumpa Lahiri, with conviction and tenderness, wove a series of tales that will resonate incredibly strongly not only with any Indian that has felt any of the impact of the trans-continental upheaval that their ancestors (or, indeed, themselves) underwent, but also with anyone who has ever moved from the comfort of home to a strange, distant land. Highly recommended

12th June 2013


And so begins the summer of Southeast Asian/Indian authors. It feels SO GOOD to read fiction again. 

2nd June 2013

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Happiness is temporary and, therefore, overrated. Excellence is permanent (with upkeep), but difficult to achieve; thus it is underrated.

28th May 2013

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da ba dee da ba die

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27th May 2013


Curse my inability to sleep without a fan on

25th May 2013

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Beauty in simplicity. 

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24th May 2013

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When I’m listening to music late at night, I can close my eyes and see the sounds take shape inside my head. It’s quite indescribable. 

23rd May 2013


This has been a night of attempted change